Our mission is to:

  • Evangelize the lost
  • Experience the presence of God in worship
  • Desciple believers
  • Show compassion to the community and the world

Our goal is not to find religion. It's for us to grow in our relationship with the Lord and others as we come to know and experience how great God's love is.

With Our Mission we have A Vision

Our Vision is To Be A Place Where:

  • Christ is Exalted
  • The Journey is Celebrated
  • Purpose is Practiced

  1. Christ is exalted in our Worship, in our Fellowship, in our Hearts and in our Teachings.
  2. New Hope is a place where The journey is celebrated, we believe that every journey is important, we celebrate everyone's journey, whether they are growing strong in their walk with Christ or just beginning to consider The Good News.
  3. At New Hope Purpose is practiced – We take very seriously the fact that every believer is equal in the church and make up one body. Every believer has gifts and we attempt to help each person use his or her Gift, Talent or Calling, to Glorify God.
  4. New Hope is a place where we Grow Together, Serve Together and Work Together through the power of the Holy Spirit in love and unity enabling us to: Be Who Gods Word Says We Are, Do What God Says We Can Do, And Have What Gods Word Says We Can Have.

If you have a similar vision you are invited to visit us and you may want to take the next steps: